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Cabinet Painting in Cleveland, OH

Are your kitchen cabinets looking dark and drab? Are you looking to hire a professional painter to refinish your cabinets with a fresh new look? You have come to the right place!
What makes us the best? We paint the doors and drawer fronts with a special sprayer to give a smooth, durable finish. We also provide peace of mind with our Lifetime Touch-Up Promise, which means every year we’ll do any necessary touch-ups to keep the cabinets looking great!


Cabinet Painting Process

First, we remove doors and drawer fronts as well as all hardware. We then protect all of the surfaces and set up the kitchen for spray painting by putting up plastic walls, bringing in mobile ventilation, and masking off all of the cabinet openings. The surfaces require thorough cleaning with a degreaser. Then the existing coating will need a light sanding to remove any gloss or varnish. After wiping down the cabinets and doors, we are ready to prime. We will use a primer that is specifically designed for cabinets. Finally, we apply two coats of a top-quality product called 2k Polyurethane. All cabinet doors and drawer fronts are brought back to our shop in Lakewood to be sprayed with a special sprayer so they get a smooth, durable finish just like you would expect with brand-new cabinets. The actual cabinets are painted on-site in your kitchen either with brushes and roller or with a sprayer depending on your preferences.


Benefits of Cabinet Painting

Painting cabinets is a very popular service in Ohio as it is a lot less expensive than replacing the cabinets but essentially gives the same result. If your cabinets are in good shape, you can hire us to revitalize them with a new color such as white or gray or we can help you decide on a color to paint your kitchen cabinets from a variety of choices that will match the interior aesthetics.


Cabinet Painting Cost Near Cleveland, OH

Hopefully, after reading a brief overview of the process you understand that it is not as simple as painting the walls in your home. When trying to budget for a cabinet refinishing price it is wise to compare it to completely replacing the cabinets with new ones.
Every project is different just as every kitchen is different. With that being said, most projects are between $3,000 and $6,000. A decent starting point is to count the number of doors and the number of drawers and multiply that by $115 and $135. This should give a decent range to expect.


We Promise the Best in Kitchen Remodeling

If you have read our client testimonials, then you may have noticed that we have the most and the best reviews of any local kitchen upgrade company in the area. We are not perfect, but we will always do our best to make it right. Our team would love the opportunity to earn your trust during your next kitchen upgrade project.

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Our team is thoroughly trained so that they are better prepared to deliver.


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